Workshops Available

Workshops at the Beltane 2018 festival will be listed here as and when information becomes available.  Some workshops are free and some have a small charge.  Times to be arranged.


ElGordeaux Guitars, Make Your Own Canjo

canjoWith the guidance of ElGordeaux you can make your own fully functional 2 string Canjo.  Children must be accompanied by a competent adult to help them with the fiddly bits.  Cost £10 per Canjo.  For more information or to have a look at ElGordeauxs’ other fantastic creations check out



Charlotte Martin – Magikal Toadstools and Wandscm2cm1








The Craft Cavern Needle felting and pom poms

The Craft Cavern will be running craft workshops over the weekend –

Willow Crowns

Make you own willow crown with Susie Mulligan, a small charge will apply for this.

Cupcake Decorating

Elemental Balance

Womb Healing

The Inner God and Goddess Voice

Journey Through the Realms

Ian Rigglespoons – Making Wooden spoons demo.

Wellbeing workshops including dance, laughter yoga, ‘Be Happy’ workshops

Hopi Demonstration

Therapies Available


Indian Head Massage

Hopi Ear Candling

Aromatherapy Massage & Reflexology

Speakers & Presentations

Kate Simpson

Cat Treadwell –

Thank you for visiting! I’m Cat Treadwell, a Druid Priest living in Derbyshire, England with my partner and animal family. I’m a professional ritual celebrant and multifaith worker, travelling throughout the East Midlands and beyond. My first book, ‘A Druid’s Tale’ was published in 2012, with the second, ‘Facing the Darkness‘, in October 2013 (reaching No 1 in its categories on

I’m a volunteer for The Druid Network and East Midlands Pagan Federation; also ordained Awenydd (Priest) of The Anglesey Druid Order and Honorary Member of The Centre for Pagan Studies. I’m a professional Pagan Chaplain, volunteering for Derbyshire Hospitals and employed by the Prison Service.

I’m a regular speaker on BBC Radio Derby and Nottingham, and have appeared on BBC News. I’m a contributor to the international ‘Witches & Pagans‘ site, columnist for ‘Pagan Dawn’ magazine, and I’ve also survived multifaith days at schools in full Druid regalia, as well as various encounters with national journalists (notably here and here).

My partner and I regularly perform handfasting rites around the UK, as well as funeral ceremonies and rites of passage as required. As part of our work, promises were made to stand up publicly for our faith when called upon to do so – and thus, here I am.

Pete Jennings –

Pete Jennings has over 15 books published on Paganism, Folklore, Ghosts, Anglo Saxons, fiction, Meditation, Vikings & Blacksmiths.  He was born in Ipswich, 1953 and has lectured extensively throughout the UK and overseas, acted, sung in bands and presented radio folk shows. Currently a re-enactor with Ealdfaeder Anglo Saxons, Pete is also a retired President of the Pagan Federation and is qualified both as a social worker and psychotherapist.  He also is a storyteller, but beware the history of the Great Blakenham 1905 Cheese Mine Disaster. Currently he is working on a book about Corvids in between his continuing research into the speed of dark.

Kevin Groves –