How to get to the beach.

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Getting To The Beach

There is loads of great stuff to do at Spirit of The Marsh but you will probably want to take a look at the beach, especially if you are bringing your four legged friend.


Getting to the beach is simple from the Spirit of The Marsh site.

Head down the track from the main gate towards the road.

When you get to the main road cross to the other side here.  Take crossing care as this road can be quite busy at times (by Lincolnshire standards!)

When you have crossed the road head towards Sutton on Sea (to your right as you cross over).  Walk a short way down this road, you will pass Greenfield Stores and Caravan Park on your left and then cross over the side road called Eaton Road.

After crossing Eaton Rd you will pass a bungalow and to your left is a public footpath.  Go down here.

Keep walking down the footpath and you will join onto a caravan site roadway (still classed as the public footpath). Keep walking down the roadway following the footpath signs and you will come to the beach.

Please ensure that dogs are kept on leads until you are at the beach, especially whilst on the caravan site.  Please ensure that you clear up any doggy poop.

By Car

From the Spirit of the Marsh car park head down the lane to the main road.  Here turn right towards Mablethorpe.

Keep on this road, you will pass Jewsons on the right hand side and then get to a sharp left hand bend with Trusville on the right.  Here turn right towards Trusville but don’t go through the archway go along the front of the building.

Ahead of you is the ramp to the beach, parking is to the left and right (don’t park on the ramp).  There is some designated disabled parking here also.

If this parking area is full then head out of the car parking area back to the main road.  Turn right here heading to Mablethorpe.  Head down this road and you will come to a sharp left hand bend, here turn right.  There is some street parking on the left hand side however parking restrictions come into force from May 1st.

Further down this road to the left hand side is a pay and display car park.  There is no height barrier here.  To get to the beach head back towards the main road and go up the ramp.

Please note that when you get to the top of the ramp with the beach in front of you the beach to the left is a dog free area from the 1st May.  The beach to the right towards Sutton is fine.

Have fun.

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