Marshlander at Spirit of the Marsh

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Marshlander acknowledges the splendid coincidence of a festival called “Spirit of the Marsh”. He describes himself as a songwriter/one-man band living mostly on a boat in a remote part of the Fens or sometimes with his French partner in the Alps.
In either case, between attending demos, lobbying Parliament and remembering to update his blog, there seems little else to do but make music and write and rehearse his story-songs of dissent, lust, blasphemy, death and rivers. He sings mostly to the accompaniment of guitar, acoustic footdrum kit and harmonica.
Recently he has been described by one promoter as “agi-folk”, but it was unclear whether said promoter was referring to themes from the songs or the appearance of Marsh’s beard. Another promoter has included him in an evening of “upbeat artists with an offbeat approach”. The weight of responsibility is too much.
The painting is by Mark Whittle who lives in the shadow of a windmill.


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