The Veganic Kitchen will be at Spirit of the Marsh

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Hi and welcome to The Veganic Kitchen.

My name is Jacqui and I’m passionate about organic food and a chemical free lifestyle. I became vegetarian over 20 years ago and vegan for 10 years. I love the feeling of wellness that this lifestyle provides. It’s an ethical choice that is not only beneficial to me, but also our amazing Earth and all of the life that She supports.

Having a dislike of meat substitutes and processed foods, I started experimenting with wholefoods such as; beans, pulses, nuts and seeds, and developed a wide selection of healthy, nutritious and wheat – free recipes and decadent dairy free desserts. I’ve always loved to feed people. One friend commented many years ago that I was like ‘her Nana’, and so it was a natural progression to open up The Veganic Kitchen.

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